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Marco Clarizia VOCAL STUDIO
Speech Level Singing
Speech Level Singing

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Marco Clarizia

Singer and Vocal Coach

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With more than 100 new students every year following the studio lessons in Salerno and via skype, Marco Clarizia Vocal Studio is the one and only singing center which applies the Speech Level Singing (SLS) vocal technique in south of Italy.
Originally created by Seth Riggs (vocal coach for Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Whitney Houston, Beyoncè and more than 130 winners of the Grammy music awards) the SLS technique provides the necessary tools for a professional investment on your voice.

Through a personal plan you will be able to perform your entire vocal range from the lowest to the highest registers in a strong and agile way by achieving a greater control on your voice in order to sing in an effortlessly and speaking–like way , whatever your singing style is.

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