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Alongside his work as a singer and voice teacher, Maestro Marco Clarizia performs his teaching activity holding a Master class of vocal technique and interpretation both in Italy and abroad. The master class is addressed to vocal teachers and students at all levels. In addition, thanks to the great versatility of the SLS technique, vocalists of any music genre such as pop, jazz, rock, opera, can take part in it.
The discussed topics within the master class are:

How sound is produced (anatomical hints)

- Natural breathing (diaphragm)
- The larynx
- The vocal cords
- The resonance cavity
- Vibrato – Irregular typologies of vibrato - Vibrato and style

Speech Level Singing vocal technique

- The vocal registers (chest, mixed, head)  
- Incorrect methods of vocal production (Pull chest, no chest, flyp/falsetto)
- The mix (what is it and how to sing in the mix)
- Seth Riggs and the Star testimonials 
- Voice passage areas (affecting factors)
- How to sing in the passage areas
- Vowel roles in singing
- Phonetics of vowels   

Health and care of the vocal cords

- Most frequent pathologies of the vocal cords
- Causes and symptoms
- The gastro-esophageal reflux (useful tips)
- Vocal hygiene
- Natural remedies


- The importance of listening
- The structure of the track
- How to get into the track - Getting excited
- Interpretation techniques
- The importance of pauses
- Useful tips

Stage presence

- How to deal with the stage fright
- Become familiar with the stage
- Learn to be natural
- How to be effective on stage
- Gestures and stage movement
- Speaking to the audience
- The look

Training autogeno

The theoretical part will be followed by a second part of practical/application nature in which each of the active participants will have the opportunity to work directly with the Maestro on a piece of music through the use of a basic mp3 or midi file, thereby tackling the technical difficulties and learning to manage the passage points with the same technique used to train the most successful artists in America.
During the meeting there will be a space entirely dedicated to questions, oddities and  the exchange of experiences.
A certificate of participation signed by Marco Clarizia will also be issued.
The master class holds a limited number of spaces for active students, but you can also participate as an auditor.
Duration of the Master class: 1 or 2 days, preferably on Saturday and/or Sunday.

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